Pair Your Corny Movie Binge With Corny Snacks From This Chips Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

‘ Tis the season to stay at home and munch (bye bye summer body) because we don’t really have a choice. With all the Netflix parties to attend, and Disney Movie binge watching, the need for snacks is high, and Makino can become your new best friend. Making crunchy snacks out of corn, you can buy corn chips, nacho chips, and twisty munchies, to accompany your next Harry Potter Movie marathon. 

Currently available on Instagram, and on major e-commerce or and online food stores, you can buy single, multi (of the same flavour and type as well as assorted), party, or can packs. The corn chips are crunchy, abstract shaped, the nacho chips are triangle shaped (the one we know and love), and the twisties are twisty, and are crunchy rather than crispy. Priced between INR 100 and INR 255 for the packs, we’re actually super excited about the range of flavours. 

Apart from the Cheese, and classic Salsa Nacho Chips (two birds one stone, eh?), you can explore slightly sweeter flavours (that always work so well on corn chips) like Sweet Chili, and Honey Butter too. While we actually enjoy all the flavours that they have, special mention to their Jalapeno, Pizza, and Roasted Masala Flavour. And the plus point is that it’s so much healthier than regular chips. There’s no transfat, cholesterol, or MSG in any product. 


The Cheese with Herbs, and Jalapeno flavours have no onion or garlic, in case you or your family prefers their snacks without them. 


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