Mamma’s Kitchen For Tellicherry Style Biryani And Chunky Beef Cutlets

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Operating out of Aunty Najma’s home kitchen in Kammanahalli, Mamma’s Kitchen specialises in Kerala and Mopalah delicacies. We highly recommended their Tellicherry-style biryani and beef cutlets.

Malabar Calling

Aunty Najma’s menu is packed with familiar and not-so-familiar offerings from the Malabar Coast. You can either order a lavish meal from her or even elaborate tea-time spread. And no, it’s not just your regular Kerala fare, but some really interesting regional snacks such as the Irrachipathil — Kerala style samosas available in vegetarian and meat versions. Petti Pathil {stuffed paratha} and semiya {vermicelli} biryanis are also on offer.

We tried their sizeable beef cutlets. They were hefty and the size of our palms. There was a thin, crispy outer layer that came stuffed with finely-shredded beef and bits of potato. It was evenly spiced and we had no trouble wolfing them down. If you are hosting a party, these will make for great finger food options.

Do check her Facebook page for specials from time to time. For Ramzan, for example, we spied Turkipathil —which literally means Turkish Puff. It’s a flaky pastry with a hard-boiled egg at its core. They also occasionally offer Pazham Ularthiyathu — slivers of fried-up banana.

Main Show

For the mains, don’t forget to order Aunty Najma’s Tellicherry Mutton Biryani. We were happy with the generous chunks of mutton that studded the biryani. The short-grained rice was only lightly spiced and much of the flavour came from the tender mutton that was coated with a thick, peppery masala. 

We also ordered a Kozhi {chicken} Curry. The chicken curry too had a mellow sweetness to it. The coconut based gravy was a bit thin for our liking and the flavours too diluted. We ignored the gravy and instead paired the biryani with thick raita instead.

So, We're Thinking...

For small orders, Mamma’s Kitchen will need at least 24 hours to deliver. For larger orders, you need to book in advance. If you want special dishes, you will need to call her directly and chalk out the menu with her. However, this will mean you have to pick up the food yourself. Her regular menu is available on Mealboat and they’ll deliver to your doorstep, for an extra fee.