Guys, Check Out India’s First Ever Digital Health Clinic For Men

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Man Matters

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What Makes It Awesome

Here’s a space for all you men to discuss everything that has ever concerned your health and grooming. Man Matters is an online platform where you menfolk can discuss anything, be it hair, skin, sex, performance, sleep, weight and much more. The platform is guided by a team of health professionals who are inclined towards changing male habits to drive men towards a healthier life, physically and mentally. You can even buy their line of products that cater to haircare, skincare, performance, hygiene, sleep and weight management.

Check out their website and you have an option where you could get a personalised assessment of your woes. Once you’re done with the assessment, you get a free appointment with the doctor followed by a personalised wellness plan. You can directly opt to book consultations with their team of medical professionals and then buy their products. They have hair and skin gummies, creams, gels and even undergarments/trunks. There are also products that you would want to buy only on prescription like performance related pills, gels and sleep strips/tablets. There is no need to bury the problem away because of the regressive “I’m a man and this doesn’t bother me” mindset. For today’s man, here’s a platform where the gents can act all genteel, address what causes the issues and change them, for the greater good! Check out their website for subscription packs that you can cancel anytime.


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