It’s All About Seafood And Coastal Flavours At Mangalore Pearl

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A bustling, little establishment, Mangalore Pearl has found fame and fortune thanks to its spice-filled seafood dishes and the recreation of Mangalorean classics. Plus, it’s not too taxing on the pocket either.

Chow Down

Seer Fish Fry, Chicken Roce Curry, Khubey Sukkah, Neer Dosa

Sip On

Solkadhi, Kokum Juice

Winning For

Their home-style Mangalorean specialities, the fact that they offer seafood on a budget, and the friendly service.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Mangalore Pearl is a compact space with plain wooden benches and tables everywhere. Of course, the caricatures on the white walls depict day-to-day life in Mangalore and make for a fun pastime while you wait for your food.

Vitamin Sea

Seafood lovers have it best here. Do get yourself a plate of their Seer Fish Fry and you’ll get the fish coated in a mix of robust spices {chilli and turmeric mostly} before being pan fried. Their Kanney {Lady Fish} Fry is a great option too. Try the rava-coated version that offer plenty of textures. You have to try their prawns too. Pick from the silken Prawns Butter Garlic or the spicy Prawn Fry and the Prawn Chilly. Our favourite from the shellfish section is, however, the Khubey Sukkah. These are clams tossed up in coconut shavings and spices.

Bafat & Co

Once you’ve had your fill of seafood, you can turn your attention to the other meats on the menu. Plates of neer dosa go beautifully with their Chicken Roce Curry {a coconut-milk based gravy}. If you are not a fan of neer dosa, then, the curry goes well with their Kori  Roti. There’s also the classic Mangalorean dish — Pork Bafat — chunks of pork cooked in a traditional spice mix. These pair with their fluffy sannas {Mangalore’s version of the idli}.

So We're Thinking...

While seafood and meat lovers find plenty here, the vegetarian choices are limited. Weekday lunches and weekends are busy here so get here early if you don’t want to spend your time waiting for a table.


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