Manogya For Stationery That Looks Posh But Doesn't Cost Much

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Simple, minimalist designs, utilitarian styles and basically getting down to brass tacks, Manogya’s stationery is for the non-fussy and nominal who like their pen and paper all clean.

The Basic Thing

Manogya makes diaries, planners and notebooks that make everyday living {and working} easy. Because when you use nice stationery, the job at hand just seems much more achievable. Right? Right. The notebooks open up perfectly, which is literally THE most important thing, and the fact that you don’t have to stretch the two sides apart to be able to write on it with ease is a total plus point. They come in spiral bound, hard bound and soft covers, in a variety of sizes. Some of them have pages in funky colours such as orange, green, blue and yellow too.

And if you’re a meticulous planner, and hate using online calendars, the planners on offer are going to be a life saver. There are also some with leather-button covers, so you can stuff your extra papers inside and you can rest assured they’ll be safe. Students, you’re sorted with their five-subject notebooks and business owners, their visitors’ books are pretty cool. They even have table calendars that come with an attached clock, memo pads in eye-candy colours and their Ruff & Tuff series features notebooks in denim covers. And all of these things, at thrifty rates! So you don’t need to worry anymore if you’re running out of stationery and it breaks your heart and the bank to buy essentials. Off you go now, stock up on Manogya.

Where: Om Book Shop, Phoenix Marketcity, Lower Ground Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura

Price: INR 100 upwards

Contact: 080 67266603

You can also shop Manogya products online on Snapdeal here and Amazon here.

Find Manogya on Facebook here.

Check out Manogya’s website here.


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