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Marigold's Menu is Like Eating the Globe on a Plate

    Whitefield, Bangalore


    Tabbouleh with Quinoa, Mushroom & Potato Cake and Grilled Chicken Breast


    There isn’t much happening here apart from soft drinks and good old H2O. Plans are on to start fresh juices soon though.

    Winning For

    Budget-friendly buffets, and Continental dishes that highlight the freshness of ingredients.

    What we ate

    The a-la- cart menu here, which we tried, is a mish-mash of Continental, Oriental, Indian and Middle-Eastern offerings. Though the weekday lunch buffet priced at only Rs 399 plus tax also looked equally promising. The Middle Eastern Tabbouleh with Quinoa is a hit here. The flavour of the flat parsley and the mint leaves are enhanced by the zest of the lime juice while the quinoa provides the necessary crunch. For mains, the Mushroom Potato Cake makes for a vibrant plate of food. A stack of cheese and mushroom layers are separated by slivers of potatoes, and baked to perfection. A thick and rich saffron sauce surrounds the cake and is garnished with heirloom tomatoes, peas, and more shrooms.

    We also tried the Grilled Chicken Breast with Ratatouille. The chicken breast sat on a bed of risotto that was a bit chalky and not as silken as we hoped for. But a smoky spice rub on the chicken really elevated the dish while the small serving of ratatouille gave it the necessary tang. Finish off with Marigold’s version of Tiramisu. Here, the creamy mascarpone comes with a hint of espresso, sits on a thin bed of coffee-soaked pastry and is dusted with cocoa, making this a bittersweet experience but not in a regrettable way.

    The DL on the ambience

    The Whitefield restaurant’s gates open up to a small, manicured garden where you can enjoy your meal on a breezy day. Inside, the muted ambience is lent a dash of colour by bright-orange blinders, red and blue striped upholstery and patterned ceramics that line the walls along the buffet table.

    So, we’re thinking

    While you’ll have to take the winding road to Nallurahalli, a short distance from the restaurant-filled ITPL, Marigold makes the trip well worth it by serving up good food paired with attentive service.

    Where: 1/5, Nallurahalli Circle, Whitefield

    Contact: 080 65624470

    Price: INR 1,200 for two {approx.}

    Check out their webite here.

      Whitefield, Bangalore