Exotic Flowers To Fresh Fruits: Sneak A Peek Into Bangalore’s Colourful Bazaars

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Malls may have taken over our lives, but Bangalore’s markets remain indispensable as ever. Spread across the city, these old markets ooze with charm, always have a buzz about  them and fulfill your every need. Groceries {exotic and local}, flowers, endless yards of fabric, kitchenware, gadgets… it’s all available at Bangalore’s best markets.

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K.R. Market

Business at KR Market starts off well before the sun rises. The flower market gets things off to a colourful start around 4am. Lining the streets, farmers and vendors sell orchids, marigolds, jasmins, gerberas and roses. Around 6, you can dash over to the vegetable market and cram your bags with veggies at throwaway prices.


Just beyond KR Market, Chickpete unfolds. A shopper’s paradise, you can roam the narrow, busy streets looking for eye-popping bargains {it’s all wholesale} on silks, fabrics, ethnic wear, home linen and decor. There are dedicated lanes for specific goods as well. Sultanpet is known for its wedding card shops, SP Road specialises in gadgets and electronics while Balepet is known for its long line of fancy stores.


Step out of the main bus stand area and dive into the haphazard maze that makes Majestic. You’ll find rows and rows of shops selling everything from fine silk sarees to windcheaters and travel bags. On the roads, hawkers pile plastic goods, trinkets, bags and shoes. For electronics and luxury fakes, head over to National Market and, the nearby, Burma Bazaar.


When visiting Shivajinagar, Russel Market deserves your attention first. Built in 1927 by the British Raj, the looming complex has sections for fish, meat, vegetable, fruits and toys. At the adjoining Richard’s Square, you get cutlery, crockery and cookware of all kinds. Opposite to the main complex {at the start of H.K.P. Road}, there’s a large beef market.


Another wholesale gem, Yeshwantpur’s market is known to be the biggest for greens. A separate yard {that’s another one for potatoes and onions alone} caters to the teeming crowds of retailers and locals who come by to have the best pick of the lot. There’s also a top-notch fish market. Also, there’s no better place to buy spices, grains and dry fruits.

Gandhi Bazaar

The colours of Gandhi Bazaar make for a lovely sight. Occupying the sidewalks, you’ll see vibrant flower shops – handwoven garlands hanging above wicker baskets filled with blossoms of every hue. Makeshift stalls also stock vegetables and fruits, betel leaves, handpainted idols and pooja items.


Around Malleswaram 8th cross and Sampige road, you’ll find customers bargaining with vendors over carts filled with groceries and flowers. Stalls also sell clothes, trinkets, linens and bags. It’s also a great place to shop for pooja essentials and rare finds like lotuses, fresh turmeric and black rice.


Just behind the Ulsoor Metro station is a bustling bazaar where you can get everything you need. On the narrow, winding Bazaar Street, you’ll find vegetable and fruit markets on one side of the road, and a fish market on the other side. If you want to aluminium and steel utensils for your kitchen you’ll find plenty of shops selling those too.

Jayanagar 4th Block

Serving as a lifeline to the sprawling Jayanagar locality, the market at 4th Block is one of South Bangalore’s best. You can either roam the large shopping complex in search of fresh fish and vegetable produce. Or you can stick to the streets and rummage through heaps of non-branded clothes and bags.


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