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Martin's Farm On The Outskirts Of Bangalore Is Perfect For A Day Out With The Family

    Bellandur, Bangalore


    Away from the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan, if you are looking for some lush greenery and serene weekends or parties in the lap of nature, Martin’s Farm is where you should go!

    What Is It?

    This farm house, run organically by Marie and Ossie Martin, located in Sarjapur is a perfect escape. Especially if you have kids as there are horses, pigs, goats, dogs, birds {including kiwi} and even turtles to keep them amused. There’s also a muddy pond with ducks waddling about — and they’re great for Instagram stories! Spread over two acres, there’s lots to explore and soak in nature even if you’re not a youngling.

    Who Is It For?

    Whether it is a birthday party, a college reunion, or a cutesy date with bae, Martin’s Farm is a breath of fresh air, literally. But of course, if you have kids around, then you simply HAVE TO go here. In fact, even adults will be quite enamoured by the animals, and farm life in general. The curators there organise healthy food if you wish for that kind of arrangement. Or take a picnic with you, but cleam up after yourself.

    What Was The Experience Like?

    Other than just sitting on a tree house and admiring the nature, you can plant a few saplings,feed animals, enjoy a session of pottery and also bring home your made clay models as a memoir. It also works as a great take-home present from kids’ birthday parties. If you are a nature enthusiast, you can be part of the workshops organised by the farm. And photographers, especially those interested in nature and bird photography, nothing can be a quicker and cheaper trial for you!

    Anything Else?

    The farm is open to visitors everyday, from 10 am to 6 pm. The entry fee is INR 175 and it is recommended that you email {} or call 08065700638, in advance. This will ensure your day out will be customised as much as possible to suit your requirement.

      Bellandur, Bangalore