For Cheesy Omelettes And Bombay Sandwiches, Check Out Masala Chai In Whitefield

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Located inside Brigade Metropolis in Whitefield, Masala Chai deals in everything from Bombay style sandwiches to Kheema Ghotala and cheesy omelettes.

Who Is It For?

Located pretty close to all the mall action in Mahadevpura, Masala Chai can make for a nice plan to rest your shopping bags post mall hopping and catch up with friends over snacks and chai.

What's The Ambience Like?

This small cafe has a glass fronted facade, and the menu is all up on a board for you to see before you decide on your orders. The cafe works in a self service format and you can either eat inside or take your food outside.

Must Eat

The Bombay Sandwich and the Cheese Burst Omelette are my picks from the menu. Their chai menu is also extensive and includes choices such as the Bengali lebu {lemon} cha to masala and cutting chai.

How Was My Experience?

The cheery atmosphere of the cafe, the presentation of the food and the quick service.


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