Breathe Easy With These Super Comfortable & Affordable Masks!

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A mandatory thing these days. Masks have become an essential part of our day to day life, either travelling, meeting a friend or even going to a grocery shop. A day doesn't go by without them. As we use them every single day, don't we want it to be comfortable, easy to breathe and affordable.

Destinio World has come up with these amazing masks.

1. They are made up of 3 layers of 100% linen cotton, which makes it light-weight, easy to breathe, comfortable, and protection from dust and pollution.

2. They are washable, hence reusable and affordable.

3. The ear loops of the masks are very comfy, the elastic band of the loops are covered with soft cotton, so no itching or irritation to ears.

4. They come in multicolour and are unisex.

Aren't these the necessary qualities for a mask? If you agree, they are available in @amazondotin order them right away.


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