Relax Your Body, Mind & Soul With These Meditation Classes In Bangalore

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Traffic in Bangalore City has become worse, stress in the office has increased and people are getting more anxious, worked up and frustrated. But just an hour of meditation every day is okay to get you feeling better and calming your mind, body and soul. Here are our picks of meditation classes around Bangalore.

Chaitanya Wellness

Chaitanya Wellness is not a conventional meditation centre but combines yoga and meditation. It has patterns of yoga and meditation combined for better sessions. The studio is located in Kaggadaspura and is headed by Prashant and his wife, Shreya. They also have personal classes for yoga and meditation and come to apartment complexes as well. Classes happen every day or in few days of the week, depending on the type of course.

For prices and more information, visit their site here or call them on 09620849719 or 09206089991.

NLiTN Holistic Wellness Center

The NLiTN Holistic Wellness Center has classes two days a week, for an hour long in the mornings at their studio in Kaggadaspura. They also have custom classes on request and even distant meditation classes through Skype and telephone. The meditation classes are to reduce stress, anxiety and frustration along with building memory, with a goal of whole body wellness. The institute has 33 meditation techniques, depending on the person. You can also train to be a practitioner and get certified as well.

For more information, visit their website here.

Wellness Ever

The Wellness Ever Meditation Centre has meditation, hypnotherapy, stress management and work life balance training, for synergy and inner peace. The centre is located in Whitefield and Jayanagar and the meditation course focuses on sound body and mind practices and also has workshops spanning over two days on Chakra Meditation and Chakra healing. They have basic, advanced and Chakra meditation on weekends. You can also customise the sessions based on need. The session is one day long, for about 4-5 hours. One class of the basic meditation costs INR 4,000 where the techniques are taught, notes are given and evaluation is done by the master.

For more information, check their website here.

Dhamma Paphulla Vipassana Meditation & Research Centre

Vipassana Meditation is offered in the Dhamma Paphulla Vipassana Meditation & Research Centre, free of charge. The course is fully funded by donations from past students and courses are in 1, 2, 3 and 10-day formats. The courses are held in the centre in Tumkur Road or non-centres across the city. 10-day courses are offered to beginners, where Vipassana Meditation is taught every day, step by step. The shorter courses are for old students who have finished the 10-day course. The courses can be taught in English, Hindi or Kannada depending on your preference.

For more information, visit the website here.

Art Of Living

The Art of Living has Sahaj Samadhi courses are centred on effortless meditation, calming the mind and body. The course begins with a personalised instruction from a certified teacher. The personalised instructions are given as a precursor to the remaining course elements. A group practice session and further training follow this. The aim is to ensure that the meditation becomes regular and is a concrete practice for the future. So, refresher courses can be taken online and locally to keep in touch with meditation. The entire practice is based on the teaching of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living founder and creator of the Sahaj Samadhi program.

Find out more here.

Lightage Masters

The Lightage Masters have meditation courses in different centres across Bangalore city. Divided into stages, you learn and practice different techniques of meditation. The stages are split into Basic {1 month long}, Chakra {3 months long} and Experiencing the Light {7 Levels, 3 months long each}. The classes are of beginner and advanced stage and cost INR 500, monthly. Textbooks cost an additional INR 300. The classes are an hour long, once a week.

For more information, check their website here.


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