Travel Stories On Mugs? This Ceramic Brand Is Artsy & Thoughtful

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What Makes It Awesome

What makes a great mug? Is that something you’ve ever asked? Probably not, but you definitely know a mug you want in your kitchen, hand, cabinet, collection when you see one. Melodramagic has mugs that basically are pieces of art. Inspired by the everyday, travels,and endearing stories by Shreshtha Swapna Rakshit, these completely handmade mugs are evocative, useful, and worth your patronage. Shreshtha actually has a full-time job, and pottery is her passion project (that she creates out of her studio). 

Melodramagic has a range of beautiful mugs, kettles, vases, and planters. While the basic shape of the pieces is the same, what’s awesome is that the designs are based on series, and are limited. They are art by themselves in that sense, and we’re loving the diversity in those. There are plenty of different types of surface decoration techniques employed. From hand-carved patterns/textures and the use of different pigmented clay to delicate brushstrokes and art - it’s all gorgeous if you ask us. We also noticed that the handle seems to have a bit of an indent where it meets the rim for comfortable thumb placement while holding the mug. Artsy and thoughtful! 

Other than mugs, find adorable Christmas decor (around the time, of course), wall plates, tea lights and small (usually) animal themed home accents. Prices depend on the collection and design, and yes you can get custom pieces made. 


For those of you in Bangalore, you can get some exclusive pieces from Studio Orenda, and at pop-ups too. 


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