Men, Treat Your Skin With These Natural Grooming Products For Some Major Glow

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Grooming isn't just having a bath everyday and keeping yourself trimmed at all times. It is much more nuanced and broad today. Creams, gels, oils and balms have exceeded their traditional connotations and mean a lot more nowadays, for good reason as we feel you guys need to have these natural and basically any toxicity-free products in your wardrobes. Never forget lads, the way you groom yourself is a determinant of how much you respect yourself. To help you be the most natural version of yourselves, here's a list of the best natural products for men, available on LBB. 

Beard Growth Oil For Men From Spruce Shave Club

Beard Growth Oil For Men| 100% Natural | Cedarwood & Mandarin


Spruce Shave Club redefines grooming for you men through their use of modern western techniques and traditional Indian herbology, a blend which will work wonders for your skin. We're however going to throw light on this particular beard oil which is packed with the goodness of Cedarwood and Mandarin Essential Oils to give your beard just the nutrients it deserves. Apply anywhere between 2-8 drops depending on the density and length of your beard.

Bare Neem Wood Comb Small From Bare Necessities

Bare Neem Wood Comb Small


"Well, what's the fuss about a comb ? I don't even use it regularly broo." Well, you should. Especially when we're talking about these Neem wood combs from Bare Necessities. Neem wood ensures a healthy scalp and deters the growth of dandruff in your scalp. Not only this, combing your hair regularly will give you a rounded look. Say toodles to scalp infections, hairfall and dandruff with this comb, bristles of which are long enough to penetrate the thickest of locks. 

Natural Matcha Green Tea Face Wash Concentrate From Mensome

Natural Matcha Green Tea Face Wash Concentrate


Green Tea, as we know is recommended once you've devoured an oily meal and want to keep the digestion in as well as fat burn in check. But guess what, it does a good load of benefit for those of you with oily skin as well. Pretty simply, all you need to do is use Mensome's Green Tea Concentrate face wash which is perfect for those of you suffering with acne and inflammation. The face wash can be used even to de-tan and clean your face after a tough day on the ground. Use twice and you'll feel fresh as ever. 

Boar Shaving Brush and Shaving Brush Stand From Pink Woolf

Boar Shaving Brush and Shaving Brush Stand for Bathroom – Honey Finish

Certain aspects of our usual chores require us to go old-school and here's one such - applying shaving cream using a brush and not dabbing the foam on your beard by hand. This has its own charm and for those of you preferring their hands to be clean, try Pink Woolf's shaving brush made from Boar's hair. What's special about this ? Boar's hair enhances the scrub and allows the lather to go underneath the hair and onto the surface of the skin, thereby ensuring a smooth shaving experience. Oh and also, these brushes come with a stand. 

Organic Flaxseed & Olive Oil Hair Gel From Arata

Organic Flaxseed & Olive Oil Hair Gel (150ml)


Have hair that just doesn't settle in place and looks all shabby after a point? Don't worry, we've got a solution for that with Arata's Organic Flaxseed and Olive Oil Hair Gel that is a nourishing and long-lasting hair gel. For all your get-togethers and to keep your hair set at all times, this hair gel is packed with the goodness of Flax seeds and olive oil. To enhance the aroma, there is also lemon and raspberry maple. Organic and without any additives, this is a date night or a family function staple for your hair, we tell you.  

Neem Scrub Luxurious Handmade Bathing Bar From Aadi

Neem Scrub Luxurious Handmade Bathing Bar (Pack of 3)


There's no way that we'd preach about Natural Skincare products without talking about Neem. Here's one more. Aadi specialises in hair and skincare products for men and one of their frontrunners happens to be this Neem Bathing Bar that has the goodness of Ayurveda to keep your skin clean at all times. Best suited for oily skin and to remove dead cells, this bathing bar is free of any chemicals and additives that would harm your skin. Whether you've played Holi or engaged with too much dirt, a bath using this soap and you'll be as clean as before. 

Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor From Almitra Sustainables

Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor (Double Edged Razor)


Not gonna lie we fell in love with Almitra Sustainables' Shaving Razor by the looks of it itself, all grand and majestic with a woody body. Why we also had to recommend this was because this isn't your usual shaving razor, this is a bamboo razor that can have a blade affixed in between the steel heads. Safe and reusable, this vegan shaving razor needs its blades replaced after 3-4 uses, we say each use. 

Pro Tip

The list doesn't end here, folks. If you want more options and picks for your grooming needs, you could try these products. And those who said skincare is expensive, they aren't true. Especially with these budget products on offer. 

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