Cake Batter And Nutella Frozen Yogurt: Make It A Dessert Dinner At Menchie's

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is going to cater to all your dessert cravings with its beautifully-textured swivels of yogurt.

Chow Down

Cake Batter, Nutella, Chocolate Chip

Winning For

The variety of crunchies and sauces that can be topped on your yogurt.

Lowdown On The Ambience

It’s all pink, green and white at Menchie’s — chances are you’re going to feel like a kid in a candy store. There’s also an outside sitting area outside for you to enjoy Bangalore’s lovely weather while digging into some cold, cold dessert.

Sweet Tooth Cravings

Give your regular dinner a miss. Don’t go to a restaurant, a cafe, a pub, don’t even eat at home. Don’t eat anything savoury, just for one meal. Instead go to Menchie’s and order off a huge yogurt dessert meal — just the way you like it. It’s all DIY at Menchie’s so you can decide how much is good for your appetite. Menchie’s has about 15 flavours of yogurt including spicy mango, strawberry and chocolate chip.

As You Like It

I took a large bowl, pulled the lever on the Cake Batter flavour along with some Nutella yogurt. Although there is no end to how many flavours you want to add, you can have all of them, because you pay for the dessert by weight — the heavier, the more expensive. And there they were — two soft, comforting swivels.

Then I topped the yogurt off with butterscotch nuts, almonds, white chocolate bits and chocolate sprinklers. There’s a large variety of sauces available in fruity flavours such as blueberry and peach, but I skipped all of this and doused my dessert with a lot of sweet, sticky caramel sauce, and this thing called Crunchy Nutella, chocolate wafers dipped in warm Nutella. The crackling, crustiness of the toppings along with the smooth yogurt, ah, I was floored with every bite. I can’t deny I was still greedy by the end of it, and I wanted another whole one, but then my stomach wouldn’t have agreed.

So We're Thinking...

I’m definitely going back for the Cake Batter yogurt if not for anything else.

Where: 7/1 Binnamangala, 100 Feet Rd, Opposite Toit Brewpub, Indiranagar 1st Stage

Price: INR 300 per bowl {approx.}

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