Lamps, Platters, And Vases: Shop Home Decor Pieces From This Home Based Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Meraki Soulfull Living creates decor perfect for those of you who love the modern Indo-minimalist look. Started by Megha, find decor made with glass, brass, and wood. Think platters shaped like cart wheels with little birds made out of brass and wood, ones that are nature inspired, and serving boards too. Shop for ceramic plates with Moroccan designs, marble effects, and abstract paint designs.

    Pick up lanterns and candle stands made out of carved metal and glass (mosaic and tinted glass) in sleek, or ornate designs like the popular lotus, birdcages in gold with floral accents. Apart from platters and lanterns, get glass or ceramic vases, muted brass finish, and enamel coated serve ware too. Shop for wall decor like traditional wooden doors, mirror and wooden frames, and textured metal wall hanging with lotus leaf accents.

    They also stock up on other decor pieces like brass leaf bowls, wooden and ceramic pots, small idols and tribal dolls for your living room. Prices start at INR 350 and go up to 5,000 for retail pieces. They ship throughout India with a minimal shipping charge depending on the order size.