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Looking For Paradise? Head to Meriyanda Nature Lodge, Coorg


    Mountains, gurgling brooks and log cabins: this place brings to life every fantasy forest cottage you’ve ever read about.

    Hidden In The Hills

    A dramatic and delightful change from the cityscape, Meriyanda Nature Lodge is a secret Shangri-La which we would have rather not shared! But since we can’t contain our love for it, here you go. Hidden in the Hattihole area, not too far from Madikeri, this oasis of calm is all about harmonising with nature. So you’ll find that the cottages are made from wood, and with a hint of western architecture. Think sloped roof, the American Craftman style building and even a hint of contemporary in some.

    Resort With A View

    Each cottage is a different design, and is made for a different purpose. If you want an incredible view, pick King’s Villa. Set atop a hill, it’s got two massive bedrooms, each with ceiling to floor picture windows for that stellar view of the Kote Betta mountain peak, the valley below and even the sparkling Hattihole river rushing past. Queen’s Villa is similar but cosier. And with a dressing room, living area and a charming verandah, it’s practically the apartment we’d rent. For life.

    The Valley View cottages are a marvellous experience. Perched on stilts about 20 feet above the ground, the rooms are comfy and quaint. But then again, if you sit out on the deck, with a beer {or strong coffee} in hand, then the beds don’t matter as much! Planter’s Cottages too are on stilts, but with a marginally lesser spellbinding view, this one’s for those who like to laze about in bed instead of being up and about.

    Off The Beaten Path

    Make sure you hop on a bicycle and ride to the nearby waterfalls for a picnic. It really brings back Enid Blyton memories, and you won’t regret it. Not a very action person? Fear not. Simply pick up the basket and waddle to the Hatti river {it’s genuinely in your backyard} for a riverside meal. They’ll happily organise a bonfire and barbecue, so do ask and then sit back under the canopy of stars. And don’t stress about food – you’ll be loaded up with authentic Coorg cuisine, all in-house.

    Price: INR 11,000 upwards a cottage


    While it’s great to go when it’s not raining, we really suggest you make a trip here in the monsoon. It’s a whole different kind of beautiful.