Metal Fans! Save This List Of Brass, Silver, Gold & Other Metal Themed Home Deco


    She's shiny, she's statement, she's stylish. She's that piece of metal home decor you need to bring home pronto! It's true, metal is the future of home decor, folks. And if you haven't started hoarding on bespoke pieces that will only elevate your home aesthetic that much more, you're not following in the footsteps of what every home designer is doing out there. Besides, metal home decor or accessories are an investment. They will last for as long as time (no whoops, it slipped and broke scenes) and make for happy hand me downs when the time comes. To help you join this metal crusade we at LBB have pulled out our metal detectors (wink, wink) to curate 15 metal home accessories just for you!

    That Textured Metal Planter

    Large Terrarium Style Metal & Glass Hanging Candle Holder in Gold Finish


    An easy way to bring metal into your lives, especially if you're in two minds is by investing in a planter, like this Golden Hammered Metal (iron) Planter from The Yellow Pumpkin. It won't be the center of attention but when/if someone spots it, expect locked eyes and enquiries. The texture on this one is killer, one you'd want to run your fingers on. Plus, it comes in a deep copper colour too.

    That Shimmery Metal Vase

    Shimmy Cylinderical Brass Vase


    Impractical when you come to think of it. Vases made in a material other than metal that is. Simply because they are most prone to breakage! This Shimmy Cylindrical Brass Vase from Top Brass will put an end to that for good while looking fine. It has that finish of opulence to it though minimal in design, beauty!

    That Boho Metal Kettle

    Red and Gold Metallic Kettle


    Who said metal doesn't fit into desi aesthetic? When you see Vintage Vistara's beautiful hand-painted kettles that can nonchalantly sit on any table and blend in yet stand out, you'd admit defeat. This Red and Gold Metallic (aluminium) Kettle is all kinds of pretty and the attention to detail is wow. The brand has a slew of different colours and designs in the same on Shop On LBB. #MustHaveMetalHomeDecor

    If you like a blend of pop and monochrome in your home decor, buy this kettle for the pop and check out these grey decor pieces to mix and match.

    That Geometric Metal Candle Holder

    Large Terrarium Style Metal & Glass Hanging Candle Holder in Gold Finish


    Somehow our brain is engineered to picture geometric shapes when we think metal decor (at least, this writer does). It probably has to do with how edgy metal looks in sleek defined lines just like this Terrarium Style Metal Hanging Candle Holder in a gold finish from 1 BHK Interiors. We sense cool pinterest vibes in this one. This piece can be hung or can be sat on a table.

    Pair this beauty with these candles from Shop on LBB to complete that look. 

    That Fancy Metal Trinket Box

    Aluminium Pineapple Box


    Think of this Aluminum Pineapple Box from Top Brass as a fancy table top piece in disguise! Because what may seem like purely looks is also very useful, especially when it comes to storing titbits, jewellery, even important cards. This piece of metal decor is perfect for that minimalist home that seeks statement pieces.

    That Vintage Metal Napkin Holder

    Vintage Dragonfly Napkin Rings (Set of 4)


    Metal (not steel) finding its way to our dining tables is something we've been loving lately. If you're one to entertain on the regular, invest in these Vintage Dragon Fly Napkin Rings dripping in sophistication from ConsciousCo. Another fine example of decorative and functional!

    That Boujee Metal Brass Plate

    Brass Plate (Dia- 12")

    Place this gorgeous hammered Brass Plate from P-Tal under a planter or as a table centerpiece topped with fresh flowers or use it as a Pooja thali. You can get as creative as you like and upgrade this basic accessory into something boujee. We like the idea of standing them up straight on a table against a wall so it reflects every time they are hit with sunlight. Oo, pretty!

    That Set Of Chic Metal Urlis

    Brass Urulis With Stand - Set of 2


    Urlis have found their way out of the kitchen to join the decor gang and all we can say is, 'yay!'. It's almost like they belonged there. We love the modern upgrade The Decor Remedy has given this traditional utensil in their flower shaped Brass Urlis. This lovely decorative bowl is perfect to float flowers and candles in. Place them at the entrance or the corners of your home.

    That Rustic Metal Home Accent

    Wise one


    If you want to tread on the offbeat rather than chic route when it comes to metal home accessories, KhojCrafts has got you, boo! Especially in this Wise One owl accent that almost looks like a collectable or souvenir of sorts. One you would want to pick, inspect and ask questions about. It's ruggedness is sure to appeal to those who go after the unique.

    That Metal Wall Statement Maker

    Iron Wall Decor in Sun Design


    Walls have seen enough of paintings, graphic art, even wall plates. It's time to breathe new life into them with metal home decor accents like this Iron Wall Decor shaped like the sun/sunflower from Amoliconcepts. So sturdy and statement, we think you could just have this one on a wall and nothing else, and your room would still seem done up. Now that's saying something, alright!

    That Turkish Gold Metal Lantern

    Metal Cutout Detail Gold Lantern


    Pretty sure you've pinned a couple hundred Turkish lamp images in hopes of owning one, but God forbid, you break one of these beauties and your lit world crashes! All of this can be avoided just by purchasing metal home decor, like this dreamy Metal Cutout Gold Lantern by Meraki Decor n More. It not only screams elegance, but that antique gold sheen just transports us to the Arabian Nights. 

    That Industrial Metal Wall Light

    Black Cage Wall Light


    For those who love the whole industrial set up, this Black Cage Wall Light from Fos Lighting will fit right into that aesthetic. It looks powerful (no-nonsense design), is useful (looks tiny but lights up a space well) and is built to last (tough)-- very much like that industrial chic loft you're after.

    That Elegant Metal Tea Light Holder

    Aluminium Silver Powdered Coated Reindeer Shaped Nature Inspired Elegant Tea Light Holder


    Very dramatic European cabin decor like, this aluminum Silver Reindeer Tealight Holder from Royal Kues is a charming accent. Place it on a mantle because this needs to be shown off! Also, don't forget to light it up in the evenings, just before movie time. It is definitely a mood when lit!

    That Voguish Copper Metal Photo Frame

    Copper Hanging Photo Frame


    Do up your section of the photo wall or table with multiple metal photo frames simply because -- oh you don't need us to point this out! Metal just looks infinitely more stylish than fiber. These Copper Hanging Photo Frames from Hollyhock looks like something straight out of a Pinterest board. Very sleek.

    That Must-Have Metal Globe

    Antique Globe


    Okay, as cliché as this may seem, the globe is truly one of the prettiest accents in the metal decor universe. Pretty sure you've spotted it in movies or on VIP desks. If nothing else, it's fun to replicate a corner like that with this Antique Globe from Manor House.


    If you love them vintage vibes for your home, check out these decor options to turn your pretty paradise home into a vintage wonderland. And if you've decided to set a new vibe altogether and redo your home, you have to see this list of online furnishing brands.