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All Aboard the CrossFit Train

Aakanksha posted on 22 September

If you’re still recovering from the last time you experimented with Namma CrossFit, perhaps at the Social Workout in May, this one will help you jump back in the drill. Blending social awareness and fitness, Mega MetroWOD {Workout of the Day} will see the team traverse the six Namma Metro stations and incorporating a workout along the way.

Say what?

While you’ll be using the trains to get from one stop to the other, the space in and around the station will serve as your playground. So step off the ride for 6-10 minute workouts. Think runs up and down the stairs, squats, lunges or push-ups on the pavement {unless you fancy ‘committing nuisance’ inside the Metro station}.

Will it help?

By the end of the journey you’ll have got in a solid functional training session using body weight. So this means the next time you’re waiting for a train, bus or even stuck at the quintessential traffic lights where you halt for a labourous 180 seconds, you can get in a quick workout. Don’t worry if you’re slacking on your fitness, they’ll take it down a notch for novices. But if you want to upscale it, CrossFit experts Nasir Masood, Abinav Shankar Narayan and the rest of the crew will gleefully throw in more challenges. So best not to brag beforehand!

What you need to do

There is only room for 50 gluttons for punishment, so quickly text across your full name to 8884200984, and then head to their Facebook and event page for more details and updates. Keep your smartphone handy as that is a crucial link through workout.

Where: Namma Metro MG Road Station (next to Hotel Dasaprakash).

When: Saturday, September 26, 6.45am

Find the event on Facebook here.

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.