8 Things That You Will Want To Buy At Miniso For Under INR 300

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Let’s face it. Neither do you plan a trip to Miniso, nor is there ever a list of things you need. But when you’re there, it’s a given that you’ll walk out with at least a few things which you may or may not ever need. So that you don’t go broke buying everything, here’s stuff that you actually will use. They’re cute, quirky and all under INR 300, so if you buy them all, your bill will still be below INR 2,000. For everything else, please practice self-control...or not!

Octopus Head Massager

You thought the octopus was only useful to predict football world cup winners? Well you’re wrong. This silicon version is great for a good head massage, especially when most people are still hesitant to hit the spa. Apart from being light and easy to use, this one really does get you to relax. Trust me, I’ve tried. 

Price: INR 150

Frog Soap Holder

This one is cute, functional and has a suction cup installation so you can remove it and hide it when other adults use your bathroom! Or, just own the look, and keep it. It’s got a lovely curve so the soap won’t slip out. It’s also got built in drainage. But make sure to install it over the sink as the water will drain onto the floor otherwise.

Price: INR 150

Hair Turban

Take it from someone who’s hair takes about 20 hours to naturally dry - this turban is magical. Super absorbent despite being really thin, this hair wrap is ideal not only to help soak up the water after a shower, but also when you’re trying to deep condition your hair for a longer duration, or even overnight. It is light, so you don’t feel the strain on your neck. Once you’re done, it also dries out quickly, making it perfect to take on holiday/work trips as well. 

Price: INR 150

Toothbrush Holder

OK, maybe this one classifies as “Things You Don’t Need But Must Have”. But it’s useful and quite cute especially for the kids. It’s stereotypical in that it’s got two male and two female representative slots for the brush - presumably for a mother, father and two kids. But it does the job of protecting the bristles, and also helps identifying your own toothbrush in the morning when the kids are likely to be functioning with eyes firmly shut. You’re welcome. 

Price: INR 230

Cat Glass Mug

A catty take on the classic tea mug, I love that these are spill proof for the most part as well. It stores about 250ml of tea, and it’s really light making it easy to float about your house or office, sassily sipping it’s contents. The cat shape outside, makes way for the fish-shaped tea hold. Just put in the tea, load up the water and boom, you’re sorted. It makes for a wonderful present for someone who adores cats, if not yourself.

Price: INR 290

Marvel Notebooks

Currently, we’re all planning our lives simply because it’s 2021. But really, we all need a  notebook to sort out our thoughts. Why not add some colour and comic-book tributes with these notebooks? Lined, blank, thin or thick, there’s plenty to choose from. Spider-Man and The Hulk dominate on the covers with Iron Man and Captain America coming up a distant second. It's also great to keep at home for quickly jotting down shopping lists or To-Do lists for the fam. 

Price: INR 150 upwards

Scented Candles

Everyone needs zen in their life. What better way to get a bit of it than with an off-the-shelf scented candle. These are quite long-lasting (over 30 hours, in fact) as my favourite is the lavender for its milder fragrance. For something stronger, pick Jasmine or Rose. Bring out that octopus massager, and light up one of these candles (which come in a tumbler of their own), and you’re got yourself a spa day. 

Price: INR 190

Nail Paint

Quick-drying and bright, Miniso has a range of nail paint that will brighten your entire look. While the orange and red will be properly bold and out there, check out the purples, mint green, light pinks and aqua blue for something different. Or, go all out and get 10 colours - one for every finger or toe nail. The lighter shades definitely need a second coat, so don’t forget about that. 

Price: INR 90


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