This Online Earthen Store Has Matka-Style Fridges, Handi Biryani Pots & Chai Cups

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What Makes It Awesome

Mitticool, an earthen cookware company harnesses their products straight from fertile soil and minerals, taking organic stuff to a whole new level! These Clay Cookware Products (not a trace of additives and chemicals, apparently) keeps the essential moisture and nutrients in food, giving it a completely different taste and appeal. And no, don’t turn your nose up at them. They’ve been painted prettily, and it’s not even remotely like a brown pot.

Mansukhbhai Prajapati, based out of Gujarat, started this venture after the 2001 earthquake, as an initiative for the rural folks to create a fridge that did not need electricity. Little did he know that this small venture would expand into creating a revolution in the country. You can buy earthen tableware like plates, spoons, glasses, cups, and bowls; pots, cookers, tavas, kadhais, hot plates, water bottles, water filters and much more.

What we couldn’t stop eyeing was the refrigerator made of clay! This 50-litre white storage unit can be used to store vegetables, fruits and also for cooling water for about 2 to 3 days retaining their original taste. And if you’re a science person, then it works on the principle of evaporation. We also fell in love with their clay water filters that will make you want to throw away your usual plastic drum. Painted in bright colours with florals and paisleys, it’ll even work as home decor!


To clean these beauties, soak candles in the boiling water for around 10 minutes and pour it into the containers, once a month.



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