Orange Zest To Kesar, You'll Love These Mom Made Batches Of Shortbread Cookies

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What Makes It Awesome

Dealing with freshly baked shortbread cookies, Momkhatai’s bakes are completely eggless, handmade and free of any preservatives. Using only premium ingredients like Irani Saffron and pure ghee in their cookies, these wholesome bites come in six different varieties. With a whole range of handmade cookies on offer, pick a batch of kesar, Orange Zest, Choco Marble or Butter Vanilla. Their signature cookies include their Choco-Marble Cookies, that look like the marble cake version of cookies with brown and white swirls on them. They also have Osmania Biscuits, Shrewsbury Biscuits, Honey Oat Millet Cookies and Coconut Crunch Cookies best to go with your teas. For more sweet options, you can opt for their brownies, pastries and swiss rolls, made fresh. Their savoury collection isn't bad either with various puffs, rolls and quiches on offer. This brand is meant to make tea time sound delish, we say. 

Their minimum order is for 250g, that’ll set you back by INR 100 or more. You can buy a whole kilo at affordable prices too. They are available on e-commerce platforms but you can also get in touch with them through LBB Enquire. For bulk orders, you will have to notify them much in advance. Each cookie is handmade and Sandhya, the momager of the brand has a strict no preservatives policy which means every batch that is sent out is baked fresh and you can taste the difference. So, go ahead and hit them up on LBB through Enquire Now and order your batch of melt-in-your-mouth cookies, baked by Mom and baked with love.


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