Ten second takeaway

Independence Day might be over, but Monkey Bar is giving you an opportunity to show your loyalty to some good old desi food. Say hello to MoBar’s new menu additions that put the spotlight on regional dishes, but of course with a twist or two.

State of affairs

The Bengali Mochar Chop made with banana flowers is served with sour cream and chutney, the Sindhi Dal Pakwan gets a bite-sized makeover and spicy Laal Maas is stuffed into phulkas moonlighting as tacos. For mains, there’s Butter Chicken Khichdi {we are imagining something like a risotto here}, slow-cooked pork belly dunked in a broth of hot Naga chilli in the Naga Pork and Noodle Bowl and Jackfruit Biryani.

Meat and grit

Shrimp N Grits, Crab Rangoon, Peppered Calamari and Fish Cakes are other  global additions. The MoBar Burger is now served up in a black bun and the Veggie, also in a black bun, is a lentil and bean burger perked up with amaranth leaves, walnuts, Portobello mushrooms, chutney mayo and jalapeno cheese fondue. Look out for the Almond Panna Cotta and Cherry Crumble Pie making their debuts in the menu.

Where: 14/1, Krishna Manere, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar; 610, 12th Main, Indira Nagar

Contact: 080 49652695 for Ashok Nagar; 080 49653197 for Indira Nagar

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