Koramangala Peeps, Monster Parathas Are In Your Hood And They Are TWO-FEET Wide

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Yes, after ensuring that the people in Whitefield never went hungry when they ordered a paratha, Mooch Marod has made its way to Koramangala. And with it comes its Emperor size parathas that are sized at a ridiculous 24-inches wide (that's two-feet wide) and is touted to be the biggest paratha in Bangalore. Topped off with in-house fresh white butter, it's monstrosity at its best. It's stuffed paratha after all with classics like aloo to interesting ones like baby corn-onion. We took up the challenge at the Whitefield branch and let's just leave you with the video of what went down.

But for now, the new outlet retains the the very basic community-style seating amenities like that of the Whitefield faction. Lassi loving folks, if you think one glass doesn't cut it for you, there's the bucket lassi that you can order. Last time we checked, it can feed the entire state of Punjab. Okay, we might be exaggerating, but then again, 2 litres of lassi is a bit too much, no?  Team LBB is going here soon, so if you catch us there, then we'll challenge you to the paratha challenge. Except for the fact that we'll stick to the Queen-sized paratha. It's the smallest.  


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