Top Motorcycle Clubs In Town To Hit The Road And Burn Rubber With

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Admit it. There is nothing better than hopping on your bike and riding to a place you don’t know, just to watch the sun set. And when it becomes about the journey more than the destination, you know the biker life beckons. While these might not be Hells Angels, they come pretty close when it comes to camaraderie, experiences and passion for riding. So whether you’re a Vespa lad, a Harley girl or a Ducati stud, these clubs will welcome you with open arms. Just throw on a helmet, slap on the leather, get them boots on and get revving.

Bangalore Motorcycle Club

All sorts of bikers and bikes are welcome here as long as they’re above 150cc. But these guys are all about safety and are rightly strict about the rules of the ride. While they take on both experienced and novice riders,  make sure you don’t want to be a lone ranger as it is all about riding together. They do regular meet-ups in the city apart from the rides that they take together as a group. You can check out their Facebook page or call on 98450 26704 for more information.

Bangalore Bikers

The aim of this community is to encourage anyone who has a passion for riding and honing their skills. Riding trips are obviously part of the agenda, and since they’re a really tight-knit community, expect impromptu ride when members suddenly feel like it. You can follow their Facebook page or call on 90084 44566 for more information.

India Bull Riders

Apart from tough terrain rides and long-distance trips that Royal Enfields are loved for, these guys meet weekly, at least, and naturally, a ride plan will come from that meeting. Try to make it to the Rann of Kutch and Spiti route. You won’t regret it. You need to be nominated by an existing member so stay connected with the rest of the tribe. You can follow their website to know when their next ride is happening.

R15 Riders Club

Yamaha YZF R15 Riders Club started in 2014 and has grown into a large pack swiftly. Apart from skipping town often, these guys do city rides too. So if you own this stunning machine, then make sure you join these guys and their passion for riding (safely, of course). Strictly no show-off allowed here, they say. Apart from following their Facebook group, you can also call on 9880801840 for more information.

The Bikernis

Touted to be India’s first all-girl biking community, these are a feisty bunch to join. Meant to promote women’s empowerment, they believe that biking is the path to Nirvana and we’re not arguing! Touring, stunting and racing on geared bikes of all kinds is their thing, and if you see them swoosh by on their way to work, just move over! You can register with them and they will get back in touch with you if you are interested in biking.

Yamaha Riders Club

If you have a Yamaha in your garage, chances are that you want to hop on to it every day and just ride into the horizon. That’s pretty much what this gang does, albeit not daily. Over rides, mechanical banter and those endless roads, you’ll make new friends and your passion will only grow when you move in this pack.

Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club

Created to bring back the glory days of this home bike, the BJYMC does exactly that. Breakfast meetings talks on riding experiences and scheduled out of town rides are what you’ll get here. But we’d join it for the history and stories that many of the members have to tell. You can call on 9880153993 for more information.

Bangalore Classic Scooter Club

Bring your Lambretta, Lamby 150, Vijai Super, Falcon, Allwyn Pushpak, Rajdoot Runabout, Enfield Fantabulus or any scooter and join this fun bunch. After all, all they need is your bike to be of classic style and nothing classic is ever bad! Join their Facebook group for all the inside information on all their collections. In case you are looking for spare parts for your scooter, you'll be able to find that too.

Tusker Bangalore HOGS

A happy group of about 650 plus, Harley Davidson owners, they live the Harley-Davidson way of life, which means open roads and nothing but blue skies. To suit the different bikes and the varied interests of riders, they organise a breakfast ride on the first Sunday of every month, a monthly over-night ride, bike nights in town, plus informal catch-up sessions and charity rides. Join their Facebook group to know when their next ride is happening.

6000 Miles To The Isle of Man

If you like bikes, then the Isle of Man is eternally on your bucket list. And these folks bring you that much closer to it with an exclusive membership here. Apart from a chilled out lounge in town, meet-ups, campouts and long trips to Kerala, Ladakh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan are all on the calendar. Plus, off bike activities like watching Valentino Rossi battling it out with Jorge Lorenzo for the MotoGP championship on television. They even organise DIY workshops to help you get to know your bike better and have a racing academy in case hitting the tracks are what you’re thinking.


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