From Cult Classics To Art Films: Watch These Movies On Mubi India

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Another streaming website? Yes! More the merrier, right? We are glad that Mubi, an online streaming platform based out of London is now available in India. The concept is very simple, every day a film curator picks a movie that he/she recommends and that movie is available to watch for the next 30 days. Mubi has a collection of great art films, documentaries, and cult classics that you can watch and satisfy the creative soul in you. You can either rent a movie you want to watch for a certain price or buy their membership for INR 499 per month and INR 4,788 for a year. They also have a few movies that you can watch for free. Check out our list of top movies to watch on Mubi.


Ema, a Chilean drama film directed by Pablo Larraín has been making news and for all the right reasons. The movie is about Ema, a magnetic and impulsive dancer in a reggaeton troupe, and as her marriage with choreographer Gastón is beyond repair, she sets out to bring back her adopted son Polo who she had to give up on due to her husband. The film follows the story of how Ema gets Polo back, be it by fighting, seducing, or even destroying anyone who comes her way.  The movie is gripping and you’ll be spellbound till the very end. It is twisted and the music score by Nicholas Jar adds charm to the film and one shouldn’t miss it.


Our very own Indian cinema has some classic movies that are profound, artistic, and ordinarily-extraordinary. One such movie is Mammo directed by Shyam Bengal in 1994. The movie talks about the India-Pakistan partition, class divide, questioning one’s roots, and cultural identity. Mammo is the story of Riyaz who lives with his grandmother Fayyazi in Mumbai as he is abandoned by his father and is paid a visit by Mammo, his grandmother’s sister who now lives in Pakistan after the partition. The movie is raw, emotional, and is sure to stir up a lot of emotions you don’t see coming. 

Killing Them Softly

If you are someone who enjoys watching a thriller movie, then Killing Them Softly is that one movie you shouldn’t miss. Plus it has Brad Pitt in it (need we say more?). The movie is about how three not so smart men successfully rob a local card game run by Markie Trattman and as he vows to get his money back brings Jackie (Brad Pitt), a professional enforcer, to investigate the case. The movie throws light on financial issues, economic despair due to the great recession.

Ernest And Célestine

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm animated film, right? Ernest and Célestine is one such movie that will fill your heart with love and warmth. The film is set in a place where Bears are the ruling class and the mice belong to the oppressed class. Célestine, a misfit mouse, runs away from the life she doesn’t like and befriends Ernest, a friendly bear. As soon as the mice know about this friendship, Ernest and Célestine now have to hide. The movie talks about friendship and rebelling for something that matters to you. Written by the renowned writer of children’s books - Daniel Pennac, one cannot simply miss this movie. 

Salaam Bombay!

Directed by Mira Nair, Salaam Bombay! is on every film lover’s list of movies to watch before they die (dramatic, but true). This is Mira Nair’s debut movie and it pictures the real street world of Bombay (Mumbai) accurately. When Krishna destroys his brother’s bike in fury, his mom asks him to return home only when he has the money to repair it. Circumstances lead Krishna to Dharavi and show his struggles and how he turns into a guy who is always on the run.