Mutton Drumstick Curry & Crab Curry: This Caterer Is Dishing Out Mudaliar Cuisine

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Run out of a home kitchen in Cooke Town, Mudaliar’s Catering treats your tastebuds to a little known but undoubtedly delicious cuisine from neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Give them a call when you want to add zing to mundane meals or if you are having people over.


Tasty Takeaway

A few years ago, Sandeep PS, decided to spread the love for Mudaliar food with a weekend takeaway service. And while the service was well-received by patrons, Sandeep had to shut it down when he moved to Canada for a brief stint. But now he’s back and Mudaliar’s Catering is his full time business and everything is right with the world!

Teaming up with his family cook, Shakuntala, Sandeep serves up a daily menu from which you can choose from. He delivers the food himself, if you live around Cooke Town {within a 3-4 km radius}. For those of you living further away, you’ll have to either drop by or, well, Dunzo it.

Flavours Of Tamil Nadu

An order from Mudaliar’s Catering while surely give you a sneak peak into the culinary diversity of neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Unlike Chettinad cuisine that celebrates spices, Mudaliar food lets fresh ingredients do the talking. On an everyday basis, Mudaliar Catering offers a simple menu that includes the Mutton Drumstick Curry, the Kheema Ball Curry, and Crab Curry that you can pair with coconut rice or a puloa. These are available primarily for lunch and you can give them a call between 12.30pm and 1 to see what’s available and place your order. For dinner, it’s best them to call around 6pm and check what they can offer since they only make fresh food in the mornings.

If you are having a party at home, Mudaliar’s can cater for up to 50 people. You need to make an advance booking {give them a ring at least two or three days ahead } especially if you are choosing the menu’s more complicated items, like the Kheema Ball Curry or the sura puttu. When it comes to larger orders, delivery is available up to 8 kms.


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