Want Mini Gardens For Your Home? This Studio Will Make It In Coffee Mugs And Bowls For You

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What Makes It Awesome

Yearning for some green in your home but just don’t have space for a garden or yard in your matchbox apartment? How about an adorable and intricate miniature garden then? From succulents in mason and pickle jars to terrariums, Muddy Waters Mini Gardens does it all. Recognising that space is a big constraint when it comes to gardening and plants, these guys got in on the indoor plants game and took things up a notch with their miniature gardens. Started by Nirmala Prakash in 2014, it comes from Nirmala's love for putting together miniature gardens for the last twenty years. 

From terrariums to container plants, anything that falls under the umbrella of a mini garden, these guys will work it out for you. With gardens small enough to fit into a coffee mug, space will no longer be a problem. In fact, these guys can make gardens in almost anything — from saucers to glass jars. They do have bigger and more detailed pieces if you’re interested, complete with details like miniature versions of people and even little doggies. All the plants used are very much alive, so nothing looks fake. They even teach you how to tend to these babies so don’t worry if you’re a gardening noob.

Sounds expensive? Well, they’re not (yay!). Prices start at as low as INR 350 bucks. Have a vision in mind? Muddy Waters is open to customisations too. Hit them up on Facebook or call them at +91 9611333448. You can even head over to their space in Jayamahal and pick one up. Apart from adding a much-needed bit of green to your home, these mini gardens make great gifts too.


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