Steve Jobs, Jack & The Beanstalk: These Artists Will Convert Your Walls Into Works Of Art

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Not satisfied with just hanging up paintings on your walls? Then, you might want to consider transforming whole walls into works of art. We got in touch with three of Bangalore’s best mural artists who have plenty of experience in quirking up and prettying up spaces with their murals. From a portrait of Steve Jobs to Jack and his famous beanstalk, they’ll cover your walls with anything that suits your fancy.

Parul Kanodia & Co

Parul’s first tryst with wall art began way back in college when she did up her cousin’s home. Since then, the artist has gone on to create murals for some of the best-known restaurants in the city, including, Smoke House Deli, Nasi And Mee, and, recently, Third Wave Coffee Roasters. She does homes as well and you can approach her if you’ve got a mural on your mind. From using nothing but markers to elaborate abstract paintings, she can do them all. Once you’ve signed her on, she uses the features of the space {like a joint in your wall or even how the furniture is set-up} and creates murals around that. Simple designs take around a day for her to finish {prices start at INR 20,000} and work can go up to a week for elaborate designs. She also paints furniture and is open to doing chalk murals as well.

Kalakarah - The Art factory

Started off by cousins – Vishnu Ambat and Jay Shankar – Kalakarah – The Art factory has produced murals for kids rooms, corporate spaces, living rooms, and retail stores. A year or so ago. their mural of a pensive Steve Jobs put them in the spotlight and since then they haven’t look back. Their team of 12 artists {all from Cochin} can transform your walls in a matter of days. After working with you on a series of illustrations and on-paper samples to arrive at what you want, they get painting. It takes between two to four days to complete a mural {Prices begin at INR 600 per square feet}. The team also custom makes canvas art and paints furniture.

2 Flat Brush

After working in the corporate sector for 13 years, Girija Hariharan took up painting full time. She had done up her living room wall with a painting of Buddha and soon found herself being thronged with requests from her friends and family as well. In the recent past, she’s created an 80 Feet High Beanstalk along with Jack at a kiddie school. You can get in touch with her on Instagram or Facebook, after which she’ll visit your home and design something that you want and suits your space as well. It takes her two to three days to complete a mural {Prices begin at INR 9,000 per day}. And she also offers clients customised paintings {including potraits} or you can pick a piece from her canvas art collection.


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