This Lawyer-Turned-Musician’s Guitar Classes Will Have You Singing A Different Tune For Sure

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Once-upon-a-time lawyer, John Daniel, is spreading the love of music with his guitar and keyboard classes in the city. You can sign up for weekday or weekend tutorials.

Johnny Law

Music has always been a part of John Daniel’s life. Growing up, he listened to everything that his older brothers were into and his mother introduced him to Elvis and The Beatles. Once he was shipped off to boarding school, Indian music became a part of Daniel’s world. And although his first tryst with playing an instrument came via the thalam in the school’s bhajan group {because it was easy and teachers cut him slack in class because he was part of the group}, Daniel was hooked.

He went on to learn his way around a keyboard and guitar and even participated in music festivals. At the National Law School, in Bangalore, Daniels realised that he was meant for a career in music. But since he didn’t have the means to train at the prestigious Guitar Institute of Technology in L.A., Daniel took up a career in music rights management and, later, placement services.

Musical Arrangements

The 2008 recession, however, forced Daniel to return to music. He began taking music lessons at his home, starting off with just five students. Today, he has taught over a thousand people including conducting tutorials at companies like CISCO and schools like Mallya Aditi.

Daniel also has a dedicated studio near the HAL Airport where you can drop by for lessons in guitar, keyboard, and vocals. Apart from learning to play the instrument, Daniel also teaches music theory. During the week, he offers classes between 6pm – 8pm and 8.45 and 10,30 pm. But on the weekends, he runs back-to-back tutorials, beginning at 8.30am and going up to 9pm. Daniels charge INR 3,000 per month for classes {there is also a one time registration fee of 1k}.

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