Baking Business: All The Appliances You Will Need To Start Your Baking Journey

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So you've taken it upon yourself to bake the world a better place but you don't know where to begin. This feat of nature is tricky as is but what makes it fun and easy at the same time are your PAs. That's right personal appliances to assist you right through the nitty gritties. That said, all that's left to do is for you to bookmark this list and jump head first into your baking journey.


Morphy Richards 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25 CG with 200 ACM, Black): Home & Kitchen

Probably the most important of 'em all on this list, an oven is pivotal cause no baker ever "really baked" without one. That, and this is also going to cost you most on this list, so choose wisely. If you're a noob and aren't looking to splurge this list of OTGs under INR 5,000 will help. OTGs are multipurpose and bake most things perfectly well. But if you've been baking for a while and are looking for an upgrade, the Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Oven will cost you under INR 15,000 for 25 litre capacity and you will be able to cook other dishes and bake too. 

Food Scale

Buy AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display (Batteries Included), 5Kg (Black) Online at Low Prices in India -

Measuring is center in the world of baking and no, you can never wing it when it comes to this. A few extra grams of anything could change your dish entirely (they ain't joking when they call this a science). To avoid this, invest in a food scale, preferably a digital one since it's always more practical. This AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Scale has an led display and can weigh up to 5 kgs and displays results in ounces, grams or pounds. 

Whisk And Hand Or Stand Mixer

Buy Inalsa Hand Mixer Easy Mix | Powerful 250 Watt Motor | Variable 7 Speed Control | 1 Year Warranty | (White/Red) Online at Low Prices in India -

A whisk is almost always used in every baking recipe and while a manual mix will be all you need for simple recipes, it's always nice to have a hand mix or a stand mixer to do the more heavy duty jobs. If you're on a budget and tight on space too, a hand mixer is what you should pick; it works as well as a stand mixer does. Stand mixers are more luxurious, also functional and take up considerable space. For the more simple jobs invest in these Stainless Steel Whisks or this high-end Stand Mixer in champagne to grace your kitchen top.

Kitchen Timer

Buy Store ONICORN 1PCS Kitchen Timer Cute, Stainless Steel Metal Mechanical Visual Countdown Cooking Timer with Loud Alarm for Kitchen Cooking Baking Sports Kids (Saucer-Timer) Online at Low Prices in India -

Although an oven will set off and make you think you won't need a timer when baking, think again. You still need to keep track of dough resting or and if a recipe takes longer to bake, more often than not people tend to forget or don't really hear the oven ring. This is where a kitchen timer comes handy. You could use it to time other dishes too. This Kitchen Timer is stainless steel and looks super cute. Check it out.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Buy Metinox Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Spoon Combo for Dry or Liquid/Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking & Baking Cakes/Measuring Spoons and Cups Set Combo with Handles (Set of 4 Cups and 4 Spoons) Online at Low Prices in India -

More tools than appliances, measuring cups and spoons are great when you want to measure ingredients quickly and by volume rather than weight (as with a food scale). These are also perfect for quick baking recipes and can be used to measure both wet and dry ingredients with ease. This stainless steel set comes with 4 cups and 4 spoons.

Non Slip Mixing Bowls

Buy Taluka Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowls with Lids Anti Slip Bottom Bowl for Storage Serving Ware 4 Pc Set (550 + 1200 + 2250 + 3500 ML) Online at Low Prices in India -

Buy mixing bowls in sizes from medium to large because you never know how much mixing batter you may need. Also, depending on the recipe you may need to use more than one at a time. So it's best to have these Stainless Steel Non-Slip Bowls at arms reach. They also come with lids for easy storage. 

Wooden Spoon & Silicon Spatulas

Buy Jamie Oliver Wooden Serving Spoons - Cooking Utensils for Baking, Mixing and Serving - Set of 3 Online at Low Prices in India -

Spatulas make life infinitely easy while baking because with them you get to waste a whole lot less. They help you scrape every last drop of batter into your moulds. Similarly, invest a couple of wooden spoons to mix heavy dough and thank us later. 

Moulds & Tins

Buy Inditradition 12 Cup Silicon Muffin Tray | 12 Cavity Cup Cake Tray, Baking Pan Mold | Red, Round (3 cm Depth / 6 cm Diameter) Online at Low Prices in India -

This is a given. Make sure to start out with getting round pans and loaf pans for bread. If you're a cookie baker, invest in a couple of trays and a silicon sheet too. Springform pans for cheesecakes (these can also bake pies and tarts too) and muffin and cupcake pans are other types you will need in your baking arsenal as and when you progress to these recipes.


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