Need A Reason To Visit Mysore? Drive Down To Try The Authentic Mylari Dosa

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What Makes It Awesome

With Mysore being just under the three and a half-hour drive mark, you could make a quick trip to Mysore to try the iconic Mylari Dosa. On our recent visit to the Palace City, we were bombarded with messages asking us to try Mylari Dosa. And we did, at the place where it's being served for more than half a century -- Old Original Hotel Vinayaka Mylari or Vinayaka Mylari for short. A small six-table joint on Nazarbad Main Road, the restaurant's menu has five dishes -- the plain Mylari Dosa, the masala Mylari Dosa, idlis, Mylari Special Sweet, and a rice dish. 

We ordered four dosas (two plain and two masala) and boy, were they the softest, melt-in-your-mouth dosas we've ever had. Served with piquant coconut chutney and topped off with a dollop of white butter, you can easily down three dosas on your own. The masala or sagu isn't that spicy, but a basic yet flavour onion-potato kind. If you have space, wrap up your meal with a plate of soft idlis, and the sweet dish. Or another dosa just like us. 

What Could Be Better

If you are driving down from Bangalore, since the restaurant is on the main road, there's no parking. You'll have to park a little further away near Nazarbad One Park, that some 500 odd meters from the restaurant. 


You are going to find a few namesake restaurants all claiming to be the 'original' but your marker is the green signboard with red letters screaming out 'Vinayaka Mylari'. 


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