Say Ciao To The Virus With This Brand’s N95 Masks Boast Of Safety And Style


    What Makes It Awesome

    Alberto Torresi is known for its quality leather shoes for men but coming through and rising to the occasion in the hour of need, they have forayed into developing N95 masks that are essential to keep dust and pathogens away. These masks are made of five layers of protection with the outermost layer made of a polypropylene material. They come in four colours, namely white, black, yellow and brown and have a nose clip as well as a screw valve to eliminate water vapour/hot air, all this while ensuring no outside particles make their way within.

    We love the masks for the protection they guarantee through their five layers. The first layer is a coarse particle filter, the second layer is a droplet filter and the third being an SMS filter to keep at bay wherever little might have creeped in (a big ‘might have’, we must add). If you’re still skeptical, and for good reason, there is also a fourth bacteria control filter and a fifth moisture control valve. As these masks have a nose clip, the chances of fogging are near nil. The outer layer of these masks have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 95% and the inner layers ensure that harmful substances and toxins steer clear of you. "Won’t this be too congesting?", you might ask. It won’t because of the lightweight construction materials used that also make it easy for you to use these for prolonged periods of time. Shop for these masks on LBB.

    What Could Be Better

    Prices could be a tad on the cheaper side but when it comes to guaranteed protection.