Nagarjuna Comes With Biryani, Veg Meals And Nostalgia On A Banana Leaf

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What Makes It Awesome

Iconic Andhra meals, chicken biryani or kebabs of all kinds, Nagarjuna keeps you coming back for more despite a few ups and downs in quality. Currently, though, it’s on a high! Usually, regulars will not even need a menu at this place as it probably hasn’t changed since 1984. But for noobs, Nagarjuna is best known for Bhojanam, which is the classic Andhra meal served on a banana leaf, and biryani — mostly mutton and chicken, but they also have a veggie version (we’ll argue about that being pulao later, OK?). The biryani, done in typical Andhra style, is piquant but with some onion raita to cool the tongue, you can keep gorging. The dish comes with two massive chunks of either chicken or mutton, so it’s best to share. We like to add Vanjaram Fish Fry to the mix  — especially since it’s seer fish in a tandoori-style marinade and fried. Yum!

But most people will go here for the meal (Bheema’s fans, stop rolling your eyes!). Served on a banana leaf, it features rice, dal and two vegetables (subzi) which changes every day. Plus, sambar, rasam, dahi, buttermilk which is great to soothe the system. Oh and payasam like it’s grandma’s house.

Since the meal is vegetarian, ordering a side of Chicken Sholay Kebab is smart. Spicy, boneless and shallow fried, you can keep popping these in long before and after the mains. Those who like prawn, try the Prawn Pepper Fry – shrimp tossed in black pepper sauce, crushed pepper and onions. There’s even divine baby corn or cauliflower version for the vegetarians and a chicken one too!


During lunchtime, the place get's super crowded and the wait time could be anywhere between 10 minutes to almost half an hour, so we recommend going there slightly earlier. Say around 12 noon. 


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