Here's Why Naina Gunjikar Should Be Your Go-To Hair Colourist

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Naina Gunjikar from High Gloss salon is a hair colouring genius, whether you’re looking to hit up the latest hipster hair dye trends, or just go for something classic and simple.

    Working out of High Gloss salon, Naina Gunjikar, we hear, is apparently Bangalore’s most popular go-to person for hair colour. From warm brown balayage (a natural-looking gradient effect) to full-on rainbow dip-dyes and a stellar haircut to match perfectly, she does it all. If you’re thinking of making the jump and dyeing your hair something crazy, know you’re in good hands.

    Naina does detailed consultations to make sure that by the end of it you have the exact look you want. Since Indian hair tends to be highly pigmented and very dark, it can be a challenging process, so picking the right colourist is vital if you want to achieve picture-perfect locks. And she doesn’t just do it alone, her gorgeous results are also thanks to her teammates Beena and Latha!

    When it comes to hair colour, it’s best to leave it to the professionals least you end up looking like Malinga. Down from sourcing the colour (purples, blues, greens, she’s got your back) to developing a longterm colour-care plan, you’re getting the whole package here. Naina gets her dyes from abroad, so don’t worry about what you want. Purple that fades down to blue? No biggie. Halle Berry from X-Men? She can make it happen. Hair colouring is pretty much an art — this colourist often mixes colours in order to get the perfect shade. If you want to experiment, Naina’s your best bet as far as we know!


    Worried about the cost of dying your hair? Don’t be — Naina will happily help you come up with look you love that also fits your budget!

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore