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Budget, Beach Side Stay In Sunny Gokarna

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    Right on Gokarna’s gorgeous Om Beach, Namaste Cafe is the ideal option when you are on a budget trip but don’t want to miss out on being at the centre of all the action.

    Room For Two

    For backpackers and budget travellers, Gokarna has always been a less glamorous but equally gorgeous alternative to Goa. It’s also less crowded and easier on the pocket. So, if you plan to explore the seaside retreat’s beaches any time soon, then, Namaste Cafe is ideal to set up base.

    Located on Om Beach, the place is a short drive from Gokarna’s main town area {you can easily get an auto ride from the bus station or the town itself}. Namaste Cafe is at one end of Om Beach and is made up of a series of mud-brown cottages that are built on a slope by the beach. What they have on offer are basic, compact rooms with the bare minimum {beds, dresser and a clean bathroom}. If you are the kind of traveller who needs little else than a clean bed to sleep on while on the road, then, Namaste Cafe is perfect for you.

    While Namaste Cafe is in no way a luxury retreat, it sure is popular with tourists. So, make sure you have your reservations in place at least a month before your actual travel date {especially during the cooler months}.

    Cafe Crunch

    We assure you, their neat, little, beach-facing cafe will be one of the highlights of your trip. Unlike Goa’s vibrant food scene, Gokarna’s many beach shacks offer pretty much the same fare {a mix of European breakfast staples, Indian food and seafood}. Namaste Cafe is no exception but it does manage to do things better. Try their thin-as-air crepes, or their filling Spanish-style breakfast to start the day. Their Grilled Pomfret {coated with a spicy, ginger and garlic paste} is a must try during dinner and pairs perfectly with a couple of cold beers {they do not serve any other liquor}.

    What To Do

    Soaking in the sun, sand and sea should be your top priority at Om Beach. You can also take short boat rides {INR 300 per head for a 30-minute ride} into the blue, blue expanse to spot roaming dolphins and catch sight of the neighbouring beaches. You can also trek to the nearby Kudle and Half Moon beaches that flank this one.

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