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Views, Temples And Treks: There's So Much To Love About Nandi Hills


    A hike {or drive} up to Nandi Hills isn’t just about the views, picnics and the crumbling fort — there’s also a fantastic Nandi Temple that is usually not on everyone’s radar.

    High On The Hills

    Not to be confused with the gorgeous Bhoga Nandeeshwara and Yoga Nandeeshwara temple in the same area, the Nandi Temple we’re talking about is just near the peak of Nandi. When you’re done walking the elevated platform and running away from monkeys, find a little path right across the Nehru House {the main guest house, towards Tipu’s Drop}. This will lead you to the quaint temple a few levels below the top. 

    Pages Of History

    Don’t expect grand architecture like the temples at the foothills or the peak, this one is subtle and rustic. It’s got a few granite pillars holding up the stone roof, and a massive {ten feet long and six feet high!} Nandi bull guarding the front of the temple. But inside, oh, it’s such a beauty. Intricate Chola and Hoysala architecture and carvings can be seen on the few pillars, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sudden fall in temperatures in the little structure.

    There isn’t always a priest, but when he’s around, you can even sit and have a chat with him. He’ll regale you with tales of the days of Kempe Gowda, Tipu Sultan and other kings and warriors. He’ll even speak of the great Vijayanagar Empire, apparently benefactor of this little temple, and other grander ones around too.

    Before you head back to Bangalore, also explore the caves around the temple. Rumour has it that they’ll lead you to a tunnel that was used by Tipu Sultan, to stealthily travel between here and Mysore. So, who wants to give it a shot!