There are days when you have to just suck it up and remember that shopping also includes our kitchen needs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun, right? So we suggest you head on to Godrej Nature’s Basket or their online store, for some of their gourmet and exotic grocery products that you won’t quite come across in the store-next-door. If you’re like us, you’ll probably end up over spending thanks to their massive variety. But, we took up the challenge of shopping at this bountiful store with only INR 999 to spend. Here’s what we found in our basket.

Dark Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar - 100 gms

Brand: Ritter Sport

Price: INR 199

Buy it online here.

Honey Banana Greek Yoghurt - 90 gms

Brand: Epigamia

Price: INR 38

Buy it online here.

Smoked Chicken Breast - 250 gms

Brand: Nature's Basket

Price: INR 145

Buy it online here.

Green Pea Gluten Free Pasta – 250 gms

Brand: Healthy Alternatives
Price: INR 159
Buy it online here

Bocconcini Cheese – Small Mozzarella Balls – 275 gms

Brand: Impero

Price: INR 280

Buy it online here.

Instant Noodles – Laksa Singapura – 85 gms

Brand: Koka

Price: INR 45

Buy it online here.

Peppermint Dizzle Cane Candy – 18 gms

Brand: Candee

Price: INR 55

Buy it online here.

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