Eco-Friendly. Vegan. Cruelty-Free: This Bandra Skincare Brand Has Our Heart

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What Makes It Awesome

Neemli Naturals, an online brand borne out of Bandra, Mumbai, is your answer to cruelty-free, vegan, and natural skincare. We're told they're 100% chemical-free and use only ethically sourced ingredients in their products, impressing us even more. 

Speaking of ingredients, most of their products have essentially plant-based ingredients, as well as activated charcoal, Himalayan Sea Buckthorn, Olive Squalane from Japan and more. You can pick up everything from lip and body scrubs, hydrating bathing bars (matcha and avocado one is our pick), and body butter to serum, shampoo and what Neemli Naturals calls skin elixir. 

Their face masks too are super hydrating and great for a skin detox. We tried the one with activated charcoal and it really did leave our skin feeling supple and moist. Organic coffee scrubs is another hot favourite -- for fragrance and functionality! And men, don't stress. Neemli Naturals almost caters more to you on a specific level than it does ladies! You'll find face masks, under-eye creams, lip balms as well and pre and aftershave oils. We haven't tried it yet but we're hoping to use the facial toners next (for INR 675).  


Perfect for those who want to be fussed about skincare, but currently are not, they have pre-made regimes that will give you step-by-step instructions, and exact products to be used each day. Be it a morning regime which includes soaps, moisturisers and toners to a set that focuses only on keeping the skin hydrated, it's a breeze. These also make great gifts, with prices starting at just INR 475 for two products. 


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