Unicorn Hair Or Delicate Balayage: This Hair Studio Will Dress Up Your Tresses

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Neelam Kamall’s hair and makeup salon, Neils Studio will give you undivided attention for makeup, hair colouring and styling. Plus, tips on how to boost your confidence and swag!

Neiled It

Neils Studio can easily be missed unless you’re looking for it. While it is housed on the basement level of the popular Skywalk at Assaye Road, the numerous bars and restaurants above it often shadow this cute place. But with trellises, pops of colour and a welcoming face, it’s quite the hidden gem.

Started by Neelam Kamall, with the idea of giving people one-on-one attention at the salon, this one is usually not crowded. Offering hair colouring, styling and cutting, on paper, but a nice chat about life over a cup of tea is what you get here. I popped over to get my hair coloured on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised. Taking only four to six customers a day, Neelam likes to really understand you as a person before she gets into styling and more importantly colour {after all, it will probably be what people notice about you first!}. Pink was the colour of choice for me, but not too bright — just that bit edgy, but not screaming for attention.

Colour Me Happy

Since it was the global style of colouring, it did not need too much intricate handling, but Neelam insists on doing it herself, anyway – from the colouring to the final styling. She has assistants to help, but the mixing, colouring and balayage {if you choose that technique}, is all Neelam’s handiwork. Don’t worry about being bored when the colour soaks in, apart from coffee, tea and jazz music keeping you company, Neelam herself will be happy to chat about everything from the latest make up trends, good shampoos and even the Kardashians! She also does reiki and hosts personality development workshops.

She’s known for unicorn hair, and we’re planning to try out her horizontal multi-coloured layers — something that’s hard to do considering you’ll need to colour the same strands of hair is different hues. Oh, and don’t expect her to go against your original hair texture. She’s very pro styling your hair the way it falls naturally so you can look good without much effort. Oh, and she also throws in a free hair spa if you get a hair makeover.


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