Koramangala Peeps, Not One But Four New Bars Have Just Opened In Your Hood!

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Funnily enough, this recommendation comes after a reader of ours asked us, “Tell us a new bar to chill in Koramangala”. And it is when we decided to take to the streets of Koramangala and see if there were any new bars where one can chill. Turns out there are quite a few, or to put in things to perspective, four new spots to hang out. Mind you, some are already up and running, while others are either putting their final touches to their space or getting their menu sorted, but for now, this guide is all you need to follow for a while, till Koramangala opens up half a dozen more bars.


Signature and beer cocktails for the adventurous kind and the closet party freak are what make this place stand out. Pair drinks such as Octopussy {vodka + honey}, Sloe Screw Against the Wall {gin based}, and Berry Beer Mosa with the industrial meets cafe-like vibes, you’ve got yourself a party spot. Hunger pangs and munchies in between dance sessions can be anything from a Sausage Pizza to a Peri Peri Chicken Burger.


Bright, colourful, very millennial, and full of good vibes — Boho is our new favourite hang just for these reasons. Located where California Pizza Kitchen used to be once upon a time, this resto-bar gets quirked up with its decor that consists of everything from gramophone pipes to lounge chairs on wheels. And of course murals for those selfies. Food is nothing like its predecessor, although pizzas do remain on the menu. Bar nibbles such as Tostado Nachos and fries will keep your hunger pangs at bay while bigger bites such as steaks and biryani are for those long nights of drinking scenes. Speaking of drinks, it’s all thumbs up for the cocktail menu that throws up everything from Screaming Orgasm to Vampire’s Kiss.

ON4 Gastropub

Now, this has the makings of a dive bar through and through, but that shouldn’t stop you, right? Located bang opposite Empire, we happened to stop by this place to see what the whole fuss was. Turns out its cheap alcohol and tandoori platters that are driving patrons to this place. Oh, and there were live screening matches that day we checked it out, so hurrah for that. Cheap booze + cheap grub + live screenings is a definite winner with us.

Crawl Street

Street on a rooftop is the theme these guys are going with. While they are on their final leg of setting up the space with a whole lot of green and other street-related decor pieces, we hear that the menu is going to be all about street food. Expect bajjis, pakodas, and the types, but with of course will all the modern twists that these guys have added to it. Located where Liquid Street used to be once, just opposite Indigo XP, this place will also have a system of ordering a quarter. Now, how cool is that? We can’t wait to head to this place and say “Sir, one quarter please!”.

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