Salted Caramel Beer Anyone? The New Brews At Arbor Brewing Company Have Our Hearts

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To celebrate two special occasions — their 600th batch of brewing and their fourth anniversary in Bangalore, Arbor Brewing Company has not one but two new beers on tap.

Twice As Nice

As if we ever needed an excuse to go back to Arbor, we’re getting two reasons to make sure we do anyway. One is the delicious Salted Caramel Porter and the other the Arbor Grand Cru. Light-bodied, lively on the palate and very Belgian, Arbor Grand Cru is great with fried sides. And while do we love ourselves this brown ale, we’re gung-ho over their 600th batch special – Salted Caramel Porter.

High On Caramel

The history of Porter dates back to the early 1700s but we’re more interested in this 2016 avatar which strong malty brew. You’ll be hit by flavour and aroma of caramel which is all thanks to sea salt and jaggery, which is added to the beer post fermentation. So with a slight tang and full-bodied taste, we’ll be drinking this one till we empty the barrels!


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