Refuel With Hot Parathas And Tall Glasses Of Lassi At This Popular Bikers’ Hangout Near The Airport

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Heading out for a long ride/drive with the squad? Hit up NH7 Refuel, close to the Bangalore Airport, for a chill session and hearty eats.

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend, if you are roaming NH7 in search of grub and a place to kickback, we recommend you follow the crowds of bikers zooming past you. Close to another highway favourite — Indian Paratha Company — NH7 Refuel is a fave with biking enthusiasts and ideal for a quick getaway, away from busy city life.

The brick edifice that houses the NH7 Refuel is roomy and there’s plenty of place for big crowds. There’s also a laid back rooftop setup where you catch up while passing around the hookah. NH7 Refuel opens at around seven in the morning {closes at around 11.30}, so, if you’ve stopped by Nandi Hills to catch the sunrise, this is a great place for an early breakfast.

Highway Dhaba

The menu here showcases dhaba specials, served with more elan, of course. But you can expect steel tumblers brimming with thick lassi that go perfect with ghee-doused parathas {onion, chicken kheema, aloo, gobi and other versions are available}. Their plates of fluffy bhature that come come along with spicy chole is also a hit with customers. The rest of the menu is made up of kebabs, North Indian curries, and biryani. Do also try their crispy dosas loaded with chicken kheema or tikka.

If you are a hookah fan, this is a great place to blow some smoke. They offer quite a few fruity flavours including watermelon, orange, and blueberry. You can also order up milk or ice-based hookahs as well as mixed flavours.


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