Mutton Pulav, Kheema, And Paya: These Are Bangalore’s Meatiest, Desi Breakfasts

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The wise men and women of this world insist that our brekkie should befit a king. So, who are we to flout their words of wisdom? Especially when our beloved military hotels and iconic restaurants are cooking up a storm with traditional recipes. They tempt us with bowls of paya, succulent chops, and mutton pulav and we are ready to eat like royalty. Here are Bangalore’s meatiest, desi breakfasts.

Mutton Pulav @ New Govind Rao Military Hotel

After a wild Saturday night, out on the town, the greasy, aromatic Mutton {or Chicken} Pulav is a sure way to get you out of your stupor. You can queue up at this rustic, hole-in-the wall eatery as early as 8am and pile up on biryani and plates of mutton chops, Andhra Chilli Chicken, and Chicken Kabab.

Black Forest Ham Mini Dosa Rolls @ The Permit Room

At the Permit Room, the humble dosa goes deliciously rogue. The crisp, golden batter nestles thin slices of Black Forest Ham that wraps itself around palya. When you want to eat your way back to more traditional recipes, choose the Paya Soup that comes with a butter masala khara {spicy} bun. And the Appam and Stew that’s available in Mutton and Chicken versions.

Akki Roti & Mutton Chops @ Maratha Darshan

Tucked into a quiet road, just off Queens Road, Maratha Darshan serves up a meaty feast for brekkie. Our go-to dish is the flaky Akki Roti and Mutton Chops combo that never fails to kickstart your day. You can order up bowls of soothing Paya Soup. Do call ahead and find out what they are serving on a particular day since they rotate their menu depending on the produce they source each day.

Mutton Stew & Appams @ Koshy’s

One of Bangalore’s most iconic dishes, the Sunday breakfast at Koshy’s is a must try. Grab a seat at the historic cafe and you’ll be brought a plate of downy appams that are infused with the sweetness of coconut milk. The mutton stew too is mellow and will have your tummy singing a happy tune.

Pork Sarpathal & Sannas @ Tom’s Restaurant

Often overlooked, this quiet restaurant on the busy Hosur Road is a meat lover’s paradise. Page after page, on their menu, is stuffed with the delicacies from Mangalore and Goa. We recommend the Pork Sarpathal — chunks of meat done up in spices, sauteed onions, and plenty of Mangalorean masalas. It’s served with fluffy sannas. Appams with mutton and chicken stew are also on offer.

Idli, Dosa And Paya @ Ranganna Military Hotel

South Indian breakfast staples — idli and dosa —  rub shoulders with hot, hot Paya Soup at this popular military hotel. The meat simply melts in your mouth and the meaty broth it comes in is soul food at its best. They also serve a mutton curry that you can dunk you idli and dosa in to spice things up.

Mutton Biryani @ Anand Dum Biryani

If your belive that biryani is bae and are willing to travel far and wide for it, this Hoskote joint is the place for you. For INR 160 a pop, you can devour a plate of Mutton Biryani on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays here. Cooked old-school style, over wood fire and coal, the generously spiced biryani and succulent chunks of meat make for a real treat.

Dosa And Kheema @ Shivaji Military Hotel

Fluffy dosas paired with spicy, greasy kheema — isn’t that what breakfast heaven is made of? If your tummy demands more, you can always chomp on plates of biryani and slurp up peppery paya {trotters} soup at this legendary restaurant.


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