When it comes to celebrating regional cuisine, especially those from the Seven Sister states in the North East, our fair city can easily be described as the most hospitable. Though we are partial to Assamese and Naga cuisine.

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Axomi – Taste of Assam


This lifestyle boutique is dedicated to handicrafts from the North East. But Ants also regularly hosts food festivals to celebrate the diverse cuisine of the North East. Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Assam have all found representation here, and the food is cooked by home chefs and is as authentic as it gets. The store doesn’t really believe in publicity, so you need to keep your eyes glued to their Facebook page for event updates.

Where:  1st Cross, 2286, 14th A Main Road, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar

Contact: 080 41715639

Find them on Facebook here.

Axomi – Taste of Assam

We suggest you cut to the chase here and go straight for the basic veg thali comprising rice, dal, stir fried vegetable of the day, Aloo Pithika {Assamese mashed potato spiked with mustard oil and chillies}, Boror Tenga {dal fritters dunked in a tangy gravy} Bengana fry {fried aubergines} and papad, and then add on non vegetarian dishes such as Murighanta {fish head cooked in dal}, Patot Diya Gahori {pork cooked with lettuce} or the Duck curry. Don’t forget to ask the staff if they have a fresh stock of Bhoot Jolokia chillies, which you can buy off them.

Where: 360, 2nd Floor, near HDFC Bank, Koramangala, 7th Block

When: 12.30pm-1pm

Contact: +91 9620664830

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here.

Gam’s Delicacy

The Guwahati-based chain restaurant offers sumptuous thalis comprising aromatic short grained Joha rice, split black dal flavoured with bamboo shoot, a vegetable of the day, stir fried greens, all to be eaten with a squeeze of Assamese Kagji lime. Don’t forget to order pork cooked with Lai Hak or mustard and the watery, tangy fish Tenga. Finish your meal here with a bowl of kheer. Duck with pumpkin or gourd, pork cooked with banana flowers and mutton cooked till tender in black dal are other specials.

Where: 61, 4th Floor, 1st Main, Koramangala, 7th Block

When: noon-11pm

Contact: 080 49653153

Price: INR 1,300 for two {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.


The Smoked Pork Ribs slathered in a hot, hot Bhoot Jolokia paste here is legendary as are the fiery chutneys {Naga chilli, Dry Hot Ginger, Beef, Bambooshoot and Hanshi or Sesame, and Chicken and Hanshi}. You can also try the Smoked Pork or fish cooked with yam, black sesame or bamboo shoot as mains with steamed rice.

Where: Solitaire, 62, 2nd Floor, 1st A Main, 7th Block, Koramangala

When: 11am-11.30pm

Contact: 080 40997506

Price: INR 1,500 for two {approx.}

The Naga Chef

Chilly Pork, Crispy Fry Pork, Fried Fish Naga style and Pork Fry with Akhuni {fermented soybean} are some starter specials here. The mains comprises Naga thalis, fresh pork or smoked pork, chicken, beef and fish curries cooked with dry or fresh bamboo shoot or Akhuni. Don’t forget to try their dry fish chutneys along with your mains.

Where: 112, 6th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala

When: 11am-11pm

Contact: 080 41670975

Price: INR 800 for two {approx.}

Chubalas Curry and Rice

A half Naga, and a half Goan restaurant {might just be a marriage made in food heaven}, Chubalas does all Naga staples including hot chutneys, porky curries, mild dals and boiled vegetables. Pork Trotter soup, Chicken Azu curry flavoured with black sesame, Naga Masala Chicken and Sukka Maach {dry fish} Chutney are other specials along with the usual smoked pork dishes.

Where: 21, Nehru Main Road, Kammanahalli Circle, Kammanahalli

When: noon-11pm

Contact: 080 42171110

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here.

The Naga Thali Bangalore

This one is a brand new start up that caters a set menu comprising authentic Naga meals. They organise monthly meals at changing locations and venues, where interested parties can sign up for a thali meal. Their menu comprises, steamed rice, dal, mixed vegetables boiled, fiery hot Naga chutneys and meat, chicken, beef or pork curry {semi dry} tossed with bamboo shoot. They also specialise in dishes that use Axone {fermented say bean} and Anishi {yam}.

Contact: Call +91 9742657798 or email marina_rana14@yahoo.com

Price: INR 180 upwards for a thali

Find them on Facebook here.

Tanang Naga Restaurant

A most-likely student haunt, this tiny restaurant does simple Naga food with thalis as its mainstay. The thali comprises rice, dal, boiled vegetables, chutneys {King Chilli and Dry Fish, and King Chilli and Axone or fermented soyabean} to be had with Smoked, Roast or Fresh Pork curries cooked with Axone or Anishi {yam}. The Roast Pork with Tomato or with beans sounds totally worth the trek to Hennur.

Where: 361, near Kristu Jayanthi College, Geddalahalli, Kothanur, Hennur

When: 11am-9pm

Contact: +91 8904581573

Price: INR 600 for two {approx.}

Featured image via: My Food Tryst