Funky Notebooks & Reversible Gift Wrappers From This 50-Year-Old Paper Company

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What Makes It Awesome

We all love us some stationery, and Notex knows that better than most people in the business, seeing as they’ve been around since 1969! Notex specialises in stationery that's simple, functional, yet fun. With notebooks for pretty much any purpose, they'll have you planning, sketching, and taking notes the old school way. Keeping simplicity, functionality, and innovation at the core of all their (mostly paper) products, our obvious favourites are their notebooks. 

Subject notebooks, journals and planners, and sketchbooks (ruled and unruled, the sheets used are the 100 gsm variety), the covers are plain, and simple, get it in any colour of the rainbow. Spiral-bound, and available with flaps for loose sheets, pen and card holding pockets, they also have notepads and magnetic back pocket notebooks to replace pesky Post-Its. Travel a lot and need a light, trusty notebook? They have a bunch of small, three-set notebooks in felt, paperbacks, and printed paper backgrounds. They will also personalise notebooks if you’d like your name or company name on it. 

Another favourite is the range of gift wrapping paper. Gone are the days when unwrapping gifts required more concentration than defusing a bomb. Moving to be more sustainable (as paper products usually come from trees, and they want to reduce the deforestation as much as possible), their range, apart from featuring delightful prints are also reversible! One side “business” friendly, and the other “casual”, they’re sellotape friendly (which means they won’t rip), and printed with eco-friendly ink. They have also launched a range of plantable pens and pencils with vegetables and herbs.


You can shop for their collection of notebooks and bullet journals here on LBB. 


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