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What Makes It Awesome?

The front door seems like the side entrance to a castle when you first stand in front of it. Inside, the lighting is similar to that you see in the Harry Potter movies. However, the dining tables aren't as long :p. That being said, some of the dishes that they have on offer really blew my mind. The cost isn't over the roof, and the service is nice. Their staff is ever so courteous and always helpful. They even have a screen put up for IPL screenings. Coming to the food and beverages, the following section gives a brief overview of the items that I tried:

Paan Mojito (9/10) - Just loved this in terms of the sheer flavour it had. Most of the paan flavoured drinks have a lot of gulkand added to make it taste like paan, however this had a flavour of the paan leaf itself which made it extremely refreshing. Would recommend all to try this!

Baked Momos Non-veg (9/10) - A great innovation, that just mesmerized all of us with its taste. It was actually much like a lasagne itself, with the flour sheets, cheese and tomato based sauce. However, the sheets used in the momos was slightly thick, and the use of tomato sauce lesser than that of a lasagne. Nonetheless, everything came together beautifully. The cheese added to the richness and taste, and the momos were perfect. Be careful while eating though, as it's piping hot!

Tandoori Yogurt Kebab (9/10) - A great option for the vegetarians, this was pretty much like a very good version of dahi ka kebab. These were basically loaded onto ice cream sticks and roasted in a tandoor. Loved the charred flavour it had and a slightly tanginess at the end due to the yogurt. Was really creamy and delicious overall.

Baked Chicken Lasagne (9/10) - A well made lasagne is always a hit, and this certainly was well made. Came piping hot, and we all burned our tongues because we couldn't resist eating this. Had the perfect balance of flavours in the sauce used and was loaded with cheese.

Truffle Brownie (8.5/10) - Walnut brownie loaded with truffle sauce. Perfect for indulgence, and served warm gives comfort only few things can.

Chicken Bruschetta (8.5/10) - A good appetizer, with generous pieces of shredded chicken put on a garlic bread slice, baked with loads of cheese.

Meatball Pizza (8/10) - Certainly well made, but not the best that I've had. Had generous pieces of halved chicken meatballs scattered all over.

Overall, a very great place, not expensive and great value for money. It's not very loud and most of the dishes tasted really good.

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Service time could be faster.

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