Table For One- You Won't Be Able To put This Book Down!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Once upon a time I was a constant reader but these days I don't find much of a time. This quarantine made me read this amazing book called " Table for One" written by Neha Bindal.

There's a women named Taara in her thirties who constantly have been seeking for her happily ever after but amid various heart breaks, she loses her belief in true connections and is so insecure in her life. Yet somehow things change, miracle happens and she convinces her parents for a solo trip to Europe.

As she ventures through the beautiful cities of Switzerland, Italy and the romantic city Paris, she starts experiencing new things in her life. Starts to live in the moment, and realises how strong she is.She meets so many strangers, gets scared sometimes, some become friends or may be she even falls in love. Even if she falls in love, will she be brave enough to her convince her parents, will her dream of happily married comes true.. ??
Read this book, to know wat happens.

Love to travel, explore new food joints and hidden gems. Life is more about living today than waiting for tomorrow