Uncle peter's Pancake- A dedicated cloud kitchen for varieties on pancakes , crepes and waffles!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ordered nutella and banana pancake pizza from Uncle Peter's pancake which is located at Indranagar.
Packing and packaging were so good and everything were separately packed rather than mixing it up.

Quite a challenge to arrange the pancake professionally (in restaurant style) but never the less it's worthy exercise to arrange since it tasted damn good.

The pan cakes were so fluffy and soft, texturing it with nutella, topping it with creme and some banana gives it a pleasant taste in each and every bite.

Also vast menu of crepes and waffles are also available with some beverages and milkshakes too.

If you are an amid dessert lover, then do give it a try on your favorite flavor and munch it along with a glass of milkshake of your choice.

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