Relish The Richness Of Bihari Cuisine!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Just when I almost gave up searching for good Bihari cuisine, Potbelly Divine entered Bangalore. Located in Indiranagar 12th Main, serving delightful Bihari cuisine. After establishing various branches in Delhi and Gurgaon they now are in Namma Bengaluru to share the rich flavour of Bihar.

The ambience of the restaurants is really good, bright and vibrant. Spacious and comfortable, the plating and the presentation of food is really good. Bihari cuisine is new to me, tried quite a few dishes and following are some of the favourites and would definitely recommend.

Bihari Kebab, a meal all by itself, succulent mutton, rich spices. An absolute treat. The quality of mutton and rich flavours. Will go back only for this dish.

Litti mutton, litti Chokha, isn't this a Bihari treat. Whole wheat ball stuffed with spiced sattu dipped in ghee and served with Dal and Chokha made from potato and eggplant. If you are someone who prefers non-veg, they also serve litti with a mutton or chicken dish which again is an absolute treat.

Champaran Mutton, mutton cooked with whole spice and ghee. Has great flavours and aroma of ghee, served with spinach poori.

Jhinga Machli, a sweet and savoury, creamy prawns gravy served with white rice, simply the best combination.

Can't wait to visit this place again, would like to thank the staff for all the recommendations without which it would have been impossible to order the right dishes. Had a pleasant dining experience.

Bon Appetite!!