Tasteful & Timelessly Traditional: Buy Jewellery That Honours Ancient Indian Art

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What Makes It Awesome

India's love affair with jewellery is as old as the civilisation itself but does your jewel trunk have pieces that were worn 4,000 years ago? Or perhaps something that was revered as body art by the tribal communities? No? You are missing out. Missing out on rareness, on rich tradition, and certainly on bragging rights! Undo this by checking out Nyishi Collections on Shop On LBB for unique jewellery that celebrates lost communities and its rich heritage.

Nyishi believes in starting at the grassroots and so they have identified rural tribes, weavers, artisans and craftsmen who hold within their hands art so precious, it is worthy of display. Through this first step of working with these masters Nyishi does many things right -- they support and revive forgotten craft, they stress on wearing #somethingdifferent and silently promote the OG eco-friendly, upcycled and sustainable fashion. Trust us when we say their jewellery is a treat to seen-it-all sore eyes. Because have you really seen Handmade Dhokra Earrings, Bangles or Pendants? This centuries-old metal casting technique (bronze & copper) is the only living tradition of metal image making in Eastern India.

Equally unique is the Handmade Afghani Necklace, a statement oxidised silver pendant with a beaded necklace and the entire Baked/Fried Terracotta range that boasts of temple and tribal designs. Speaking of, you may want to check out the Sustainable Tribal Wooden Bamboo Necklaces too. Time to experiment by embracing the old, it's ironic but better late than never!


Nyishi Collections also has street fashion-esque jewellery for those who prefer that. They also sell handloom sarees and stoles. Prices for their jewellery starts at INR 350 and stays under the INR 2,500 mark.